Tan Thung



“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. ” Plato

Thung joined PGC in 2019 and is a Research Assistant in the Think Tank and Policy division. She started out by being involved with Penang Green Agenda and provided support for the team wherever needed. Presently, she is currently pushing for the SEAcircular project, an initiative encouraging closing of the plastic loop, to take root.

Thung graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. She is passionate about volunteer work, especially during her years in university. Before jumping on board with PGC, she had spent some time in Thailand’s rubber industry learning and working on improving sustainable practices.

Thung loves the smell of books and the sound of heavy rain. Wherever she goes, bookshops and museums will always be on her radar. She appreciates art and enjoys ancient history and philosophy. You will be surprised to learn that she is an avid gamer too.