Renuka Radakrishnan

Senior Officer


“Don’t ask why I’m vegetarian, ask yourself why you are not.”

Renu joined the team in March 2015 and served as a Communication Executive, assisting in preparing speeches and press statements. Her expertise includes translation of English and Bahasa Malaysia.

She then took charge of Penang Green School,  an environmental audit programme for schools in Penang and Penang Green Citizens Programme, in efforts to build constructive relationships between PGC and the community. She also manages Penang Green Journalism Award.

Prior to her time at PGC, Renu is a strong enthusiast with a mellow tone. She has worked with the non-profit – Penang Animal Welfare Society, campaigning for stray and abused dogs. She is also involved in Mother to Mother Peer Support in Penang, a non-profit organisation for a breastfeeding friendly community. She received her B.Sc. Honours in Environmental Technology and eventually earned her Masters’ in Science Degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

She lives in Georgetown, the heart of Penang with her parents, siblings and her dog. Renu enjoys reading books and novels, hiking and cooking.