Hoo Huey Ching

Assistant General Manager


“Nobody can change everything, but everyone can do something”.

Huey Ching believes that all environmental movement starts within oneself, ​​albeit the change is slow, it must be done and it cannot wait. ​

Started as DNA sequencing lab ​officer and water quality researcher, Huey Ching’s multi-discipline background allows her to be skilful with technical data and field work handling.

She joined PGC in March 2014 as part of the Community Outreach team. Huey Ching steered environmental camps and workshops, ranging from kids to teenagers and women of different age groups. She focuses on how to keep the environment safe and healthy as she believes in behavioural change even though it is not coded in the human DNA.

Huey Ching is sensible and gives meticulous attention to detail in order to achieve the best. She feeds on coffee and cakes and travelling is always a bonus that keeps her all excited!