Ashawani Chinathamby

Senior Officer

I stay strong to my principles, ethics and I believe in “always giving the best out of me”.

Asha is responsible for the reporting of accurate financial information for PGC and ensures that all purchasing and catering orders meet PGC environmental guidelines.

She is a recent graduate in Accounting & Finance from University of Greenwich. Asha was pursuing her degree when she joined PGC in 2012. She now has 4 years of experience in monthly and annual closing of financial statements and accounting software (UBS).

Asha handles all human resources work and provides administrative support in PGC. Her diligence helps her in safeguarding the organisation assets, handling confidential matters and inventory control to make sure the organisation is green and clean internally.

She likes owl and loves pink to the core. Her hobbies are travelling, watching movies and spending time with friends and family.