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The Penang Green Office Project is an assessment tool to assist your office in adopting sustainability principles. This saves not only the amount of water and electricity bills but also the environment!



Individuals from both government and private sectors can apply for the 2-in-1 certification:

Penang Green Office Project Certification by Penang Green Council

Aqua Save Certification by Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBA)


Successful applicants from private sectors will:

Receive an incentive of up to RM 5000 from Penang Green Council and stand a chance to receive RM 2000 from PBA upon RECERTIFICATION (only for offices located in Penang)

Based on yearly annual assessment rate (cukai pintu)

  • 50% incentive for annual assessment rate lower than RM 5000 OR
  • RM 5000 incentive for annual assessment rate higher than RM 5000

For recertifying offices, Incentive will only be awarded maximum up to TWO RECERTIFICATION CYCLE.


To support PGC’s vision of Penang as a Green State by adopting the Green Office Concept through education and implementation of green initiatives within the office


Public Sector Organisations (Government, GLC) or Private Sector Organisations (Registered businesses in the form of factories, banks, supermarkets, hotels, trade or business groups, NGOs.


Applies the following practices:

Green Purchasing

Waste Management

Resource Efficiency

Health & Safety

Employee & Community Engagement


  1. The minimum requirement for this application requires that you pass the online self-assessment
  2. Then apply for a Site Audit.
  3. Audit and administration fees are charged as seen below.
    Fee : RM 1,000 (audit + Administration)
    * Payment can be conducted before or after the audit session
  4. An appointed third-party auditor, Fides Auditors, will carry out a site audit.


  1. Do prepare relevant supporting documentation such as energy and water consumption records, utility bills and related documents based on the audit criteria.
  2. The auditor will have a copy of the answers that your office has submitted to PGC. During the walkabout, the auditor will check for discrepancies.
  3. You may also present your ongoing and plans for environmental programmes.
  4. You will obtain the results of the site audit in 3 months.



  1. Green Office Certification complete with certificate valid for two years.
  2. Office name published in PGC website.
  3. The right to use the Penang Green Office logo on all official documentation, advertisements and other publicity material.
  4. Participation in a certificate presentation ceremony.


THROUGHOUT THE YEAR:  Green Office assessment access
FEBRUARY – JULY:  Audit application and audit session
NOVEMBER – DECEMBER : Certificate Presentation Ceremony

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