AGV Sustainability & ESG Services Sdn. Bhd.

AGV Sustainability & ESG Services Sdn. Bhd. is a boutique ESG consulting firm with three offices in Malaysia and international affiliates. The team comprises experienced senior consultants who specialize in governance, risk management, environmental, and social issues. AGV Sustainability & ESG Services Sdn. Bhd. offers customized services, including Net Zero Roadmaps, sustainability reports aligned with TCFD Recommendations, ESG Indices compliance (e.g., FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia and Dow Jones Sustainability Index), Internal Sustainability Guidelines development, Stakeholder Engagement Plans, and sustainability assurance services/audits.


CIMB is one of ASEAN’s leading banking groups and Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider, by assets. Listed on Bursa Malaysia via CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, it had a market capitalisation of approximately RM54.0 billion as at 30 June 2023. It offers consumer banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, transaction banking, Islamic banking and asset management products and services.

CIMB has committed to be Net Zero, including financed emissions by 2050. Through the Green, Social, Sustainable Impact Products and Services framework, the Group targets to mobilise RM100 billion in sustainable financing by 2024. CIMB offers a range of products and services to support corporate and commercial clients in their decarbonisation journey, such as Sustainability Linked financing for SME which offers rebate of up to 0.5% for meeting agreed sustainability performance targets, and the GreenBizReady Programme, a one-stop complimentary sustainability ecosystem to empower our customer’s sustainability journey.

MY CO2 Group Sdn Bhd

My CO2 Group Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of LMS Compliance Ltd listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX: LMS) that provides testing, certification and assurance services. MyCO2 holds an AA1000AS License (000-460) for Assurance Provision and can verify Scope 1, 2, and/or 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for organisations. This verification can be conducted at either a moderate or high engagement level in line with the AA1000 Assurance Standard, such as a reasonable or limited engagement level. My CO2’s verification procedures also adhere to relevant standards, namely the ISO14016 and the GHG Protocol. Hence, the company’s ESG assurance spans major reporting frameworks, encompassing GRI, UNSDG, TCFD, SASB, ISSB, SGX 27 core metrics, and the Bursa Sustainability Reporting Guide 2022.

Regardless of the disclosure avenue best suited for your organisation from the perspective of ISO, MyCO2 stands by its clients by:
– Aiding them in compiling and presenting their Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions inventories, aligning with internationally recognised benchmarks like ISO 14064-1 standard.
– Providing validation and verification services aligned with ISO 14064-2, empowering companies to offer stakeholders transparency when planning GHG reduction projects and reporting on project performance.
– Providing AIoT real-time data collection supported by cross-sectional monitoring methodology adhering to regional laws and regulations.

Olive Tree Hotel

Olive Tree Hotel is a home-grown – Malaysian hospitality brand that started welcoming guests since Year 2015. Being a green building, Olive Tree Hotel’s vision is to be YOUR preferred Green Business & MICE hotel. Learn about their journey in creating an Eco-Friendly Hotel Stay, Green Meetings and Events Space for you.

The Olive Tree has been proactive in key sustainability areas: energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, and carbon emissions. Current initiatives include the implementation of energy-efficient lighting and solar panels (resulting in a 30% reduction in energy consumption), the promotion of waste reuse, a 95% elimination of single-use plastics, and the use of broken crockeries as decorations in Sukkah Coffee House to encourage the reuse and upcycling of resources.

Upcoming sustainability plans involve urban farming with hydroponics and the implementation of a kitchen food waste composting system.

The hotel is Green Building Compliant according to GBI requirements and has received several awards, including the Penang Green Office Certificate, the Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award, and the Blue Ribbon Certificate

Visit their booth to :
* Learn about hydroponic vegetable planting
* Compost food waste
* Win an eco-friendly product


UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB)

The UN Global Compact Network Malaysia and Brunei (UNGCMYB) is the official local network of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) – a global corporate sustainability initiative by the UN Secretary General’s office that encourages businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices that aligns with UNGC’s Ten Principles under Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

UNGC will be an exhibitor in the event to share more about its Free ESG Action Guidebook including SME ESG Hub Covers SME ESG Hub, BURSA x UNGCMYB Corporate Sustainability Practitioner (CSP) Competency Framework, and more.

The UNGC provides the following resources and assistance to help companies advance their ESG objectives:
– Access to guidance and best practices
– Networking and collaboration
– Training and capacity building to enhance internal ESG capabilities
– Reporting platform called Communication on Progress report
– Advocacy and policy engagement
– Credible ESG tools & resources
– Recognition for sustainability commitments
– Peer-to-peer learning and exchange

Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)

On October 2, 2023, MITI introduced the National Industrial Environmental, Social, and Governance Framework (i-ESG Framework). This initiative is geared towards preparing the nation’s manufacturing sector to embrace ESG principles and take advantage of the $12-trillion global ESG-focused market. Comprising four pillars (standards, financing, capacity building, and market mechanisms), 17 strategies, 50 deliverables, and six key enablers, the framework’s overarching goal is to expedite the adoption of sustainable practices among manufacturing firms. During Phase 1.0 (2024-2026), MITI will offer guidance to facilitate a “Just Transition” towards ESG compliance, particularly for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

MITI will play a central role in raising awareness and promoting the i-ESG Framework among manufacturing companies, with a particular focus on MSMEs. Visitors will:
– Gain insights into the framework’s significance and sustainable ESG practices.
– Receive hands-on guidance for utilizing i-ESGReady, an ESG Readiness Assessment tool developed to help companies evaluate their current ESG adoption level.
– Be introduced to i-ESGStart, a starter kit offering practical guidance, step-by-step instructions, illustrative examples, and templates for manufacturing businesses, which empowers organizations to create sustainability reports aligned with their specific stakeholder requirements.

Shan Poornam Metals Sdn Bhd

Shan Poornam Sdn. Bhd. (SPM), an ISO Certified Integrated Environmentally Sound Management Facility, is a leader in both scheduled and non-scheduled waste management. With a commitment to protecting intellectual property rights and promoting a closed-loop system, SPM focuses on Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingot manufacturing, Copper and PGM Recovery and Refining, hazardous liquid waste recovery, Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) and surface treatment cleaning services.

In the realm of waste management, SPM is a pioneer in meeting global demand for recycled materials, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and further striving for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in line with the New Industrial Master Plan 2030. SPM utilises cutting-edge technology to transform industrial solid and liquid waste into eco-friendly green products, fostering a closed-loop supply chain (Circular Economy).

SPM’s high-quality green products include Precious Metals (99.99% purity) namely, Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd), Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingots (International Standards- JIS, ASTM, CEN, and BS), copper cathodes, copper oxide, nickel oxide, and poly aluminium chloride.



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