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Project Title

Circular Economy and Industry Programme (CEIP): Platform for Partnerships and Capacity Development


Globally, acute environmental challenges such as climate change are forcing countries and corporations to move towards a more sustainable growth pathway. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are now being pushed by the Malaysian government through mandatory requirements on company reporting and financing preference. With major economies in the world shifting towards sustainability, Penang needs to participate actively in this global shift to remain relevant in the global supply chain.

In January 2022, Penang Green Council (PGC) launched the Penang Green Industry Programme (PGIP), which is also known as Penang Circular Economy and Industry Programme. For the time being, our core area of interest lies within the electronics and electrical (E&E) sector.


  1. Reduce environmental impacts of production and consumption from the E&E sector
  2. Improve productivity, environmental performance, and competitiveness of E&E sector.
  3. Transform Penang into a Green Industrial Hub.

A. Project Activities

To facilitate and advance multi-stakeholder collaboration to drive ESG conversation and adoption.

Roundtable on ESG and Sustainability in the Supply Chain (May 9, 2023)

The summary of the roundtable can be viewed Here

PGC is working with multinational companies (MNCs) and large local companies (LLCs) in Penang to promote green and sustainable manufacturing, particularly through partnership with local SMEs.

MNCs and LLCs can provide guidance and reassurance to their SME partners on the ‘green transition’ through sharing of actual experiences, while PGC, with the support of the state and local governments, will build the necessary supporting systems to aid the process including financing and technology platforms.

Through pilot projects with the local SMEs, SMEs will be able to address key issues such as energy, water, waste, and eco-design.

PGC runs in-person ESG workshops to upskill and promote understanding of businesses, especially SMEs, towards ESG. Our workshops can be conducted in collaboration with government entities, industrial associations, and specialist consultancy firms.


B. Supporting Ecosystem


PGC is building a supporting ecosystem in:

Network of green technology companies and solution providers.

Network of investors and financiers.

Network of ESG and sustainability experts.


Expected Outcomes

  • Tangible reduction in energy, water, and waste footprint.
  • Closer collaboration between government and private sector.
  • Effective partnership between SMEs and MNCs in promoting greener production.
  • Increased uptake of ESG and circular economy practices among SMEs involves in pilot projects.

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