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As a state agency that promotes green initiatives, we hope to encourage communities to take initiative to organize events or activities which are in line with the vision and mission of PGC and make a positive social impact.

Either Non-monetary Endorsements or Monetary Support will be given out as part of our brand marketing or outreach initiatives. All applications will be followed by an evaluation process to ensure that our funds are utilized with the utmost care and responsibility. We require all applicants to clearly demonstrate the social impact of our contribution.


PGC is always looking to help bringing great events and ideas to sustainable livelihoods.
Our preferred – but not exclusive – areas of support or endorsement are:

  • Zero Waste
  • Resources Efficiency
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Environmental Education
  • Cultural and Behavioral Change
  • Low Carbon


We will consider:

  • Organizations that are registered non-profit in their jurisdictions;
  • Penang-based, including those endorsed by local state assemblymen or local councilors;
  • Events or activities that take place in communities or socially inclusive;
  • Websites and other communication vehicles that deliver a specific environmental-related program;
  • Dramas, publication of books or movie productions,
  • Programs with measurable social outcomes;
  • Prizes

We will not consider:

  • Organizations that the Federal or the state government already support, directly or indirectly,
  • Political or fraternal organizations,
  • third-party organizations that raise funds,
  • Individual pursuits,
  • Religious organizations, unless they are engaged in a significant green project benefiting the entire community,
  • Endowment or memorial campaigns,
  • Advertising or promotional campaigns,
  • Commercial, travel-related events, including student trips or tours
  • The creation or repair of statues, monuments, art work or beautification projects
  • Private foundations

Terms & Conditions

  1. Each organization will be given monetary support once a year.
  2. The maximum monetary support for any organization is RM10, 000 per year, per project or program.
  3. All funding recipients or endorsement holders are entitled to use PGC logo provided (the ‘logo’) throughout the period of their endorsement, in accordance with these terms and conditions:
    • Logos may be used in printed marketing materials, web page information and on advertisements placed in any form of media, subject to the design specifications below.
    • Only the monetary support recipient and the named endorsement holder is entitled to use the logo
    • Should the endorsement be cancelled or suspended due to non-payment or infringement, the organisation or individual is no longer entitled to use the logo and they must withdraw any publicly available promotional or other materials displaying the logo
    • Endorsement does not constitute a recommendation or support by PGC of the organisation or individual and any products or services other than those specified and any promotion of the endorsement and/or logo should not imply or state otherwise,
    • The organisation or individual acknowledges that the endorsement logo is the property of the PGC and  PGC may enforce its  rights accordingly
    • The organisation or individual agrees that PGC may in its discretion change the terms of these conditions from time to time by notice in writing or email.
  4. For organizations that received Monetary Support, PGC logo must be printed or published in all the related publicity materials of the project or programs as “Supporting Partner”.
  5. For non-monetary endorsement of particular project or programs, PGC logo will be appeared as “Endorsement Body”.
  6. PGC reserves the right to rescind non-monetary endorsement or monetary support under certain conditions.

How to Apply?

An application or brief proposal should be sent to PGC by email, hardcopy will not be entertained.

The proposal may be in your own preferred format but it does have to contain each of the items listed below:

  • A brief statement of your organization’s history, goals and accomplishments to date
  • An outline of the project for which you are requesting funding (not more than 2 pages)
  • A project budget showing anticipated expenses
  • List of other committed or approached donors, including government sources
  • Most recent audited financial statements (must be less than a year old)
  • List of the Board of Directors or organizing committee members if applicable
  • Target audience

Only shortlisted proposal will be asked for a follow up meeting to have further discussion

The PGC reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions without prior notice.