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Project Title

Circular Economy and Industry: Platform for Partnerships and Capacity Development


As sustainability is quickly becoming a corporate imperative for industries worldwide, Penang’s manufacturing industry, such as the electrical and electronics (E&E) sector, too must be ready to meet and comply with international standards.

Circular Economy (CE), an approach rapidly being administered by leading companies, can aid the local E&E sector overcome environmental issues. Integration of CE practices does not inhibit manufacturing processes, rather it promotes business operations that can achieve economic growth while ensuring environmental sustainability.

As Penang Green Council is venturing into Green Industry, we are keen to collaborate with government agencies, private sector, and international organisations in enabling this green transition.


  1. Reduce environmental impacts of production and consumption from the E&E sector
  2. Improve productivity, environmental performance, and competitiveness of E&E sector.
  3. Transform Penang into a Green Industrial Hub.


Project Activities

  • To facilitate collaboration and the formation of an alliance to drive actions among the E&E industry.
  • Facilitate partnerships with or between multinational corporations (MNCs), large local companies (LLCs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to run CE-related pilot projects.
  • Key Pillars: Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Capacity Building, General Support.
  • To create a pool of accessible and affordable sustainability experts for industry players in Penang.

Expected Outcomes

  • An established cross-sectoral collaboration/ alliance between public, private, and international organizations.
  • Aid MNCs/ LLCs in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Increase adoption of CE practices by SMEs.

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