Plastic Disclosure Project Workshop

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This workshop is organised specifically for both local councils in Penang, Penang Island City Council (MBPP) and Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) with the aim to empower the local councils, thereby enabling the implementation of projects or programs to reduce plastic pollution.


Measure and Assess: Understand the baseline of your current use, recovery, recycling and use of recycled content, so your municipality/city council is better equipped to make important and significant gains on plastic pollution reduction, resource recovery and reuse of materials.


Engage Stakeholders: Use your results to gain the knowledge and capacity on how best to engage your employees, partners, procurement teams, solid waste and public cleansing departments, to name a few.


Go Circular: It is difficult to enter the circular economy and efficiently re-use and recover materials if a baseline analysis is not completed beforehand, giving you the management knowledge of what resources you have available for “circulation.”

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