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Our dedicated environmental and education outreach (EEO) team conduct environmental camps, workshops and excursions for kids and adults.  This programme has undergone digital transformation during the pandemic and hence, all projects can be conducted virtually, hybrid or offline (subject to change).

All modules will be UNSDGs oriented. Game-based learning methods are applied in the designs, executions and review process for all digital outreach projects. The focus will be on 3H(s) – Head, Heart and Hand, representing the knowledge, the emotional connection and the hands on/ experience.



1. For Kids/Teenager/Youths

2. Environmental Education Capacity Building Workshops for Adults

These workshops are designed for adult learners despite their busy daily schedule. It is conducted to impart general environmental knowledge on United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change, Waste Management, Water and Energy Conservation.

To empower civil society in order to achieve sustainable living and development.
To encourage innovative solutions addressing environmental issues and challenges.

Target audience:
For the adult learner (18 years old and above) – educators, governmental officers, sustainability officers, policy and decision makers, public with huge interest in environmental education.

B) Adults Learners/Corporate

Coming Soon


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