Penang Green Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the ISO 14000 standard and the Penang Green Office certification?

The ISO 14000 standard and the Penang Green Office certification share the same purpose which is to help organizations protect the environment, minimize pollution and to raise eco-consciousness in all aspects of the workplace.

ISO 14000 defines the scope of an organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS), identifies the environmental aspects associated with all operating conditions and situations and clarifies the legal and other requirements that apply to the organization's environmental aspects.
The Penang Green Office certification assessment criteria’s main focus is on the office area and provides guidelines on practical actions and solutions on how to be “green”. These guidelines cover the 8 criteria mentioned (Purchasing Office Equipment & Stationery- Green Principles, Waste reduction & Recycling, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Paper Usage Control, Printer, Photocopier, Fax & Cartridges Control, Indoor Air Quality Improvement & Employee and Community Engagement).

Thus, the difference is that ISO 14000 deals with standards, the Penang Green Office certification deals with actual actions and practical steps taken to be green.  

2. If my organization has more than one office location, do I enter data for the company as a whole or for each individual office?

Submissions should be sent for each separate office location.

3. What are the benefits of participation?

  • A certification plaque and certificate
  • The right to use the Penang Green Office logo on company letterheads, correspondence, advertisements and other publicity materials
  • Participation in the Penang Green Office Project Certificate Presentation Ceremony
  • Participating organization name to be published in the PGC website
  • Advertisement in Buletin Mutiara

4. We have several offices located in one building; will the site audit cover all offices?
The site audit will cover the main office area which is determined by the amount of headcount and space.
5. How is the site audit conducted? What documentation or proof do I need to provide?
The auditors will have a copy of the answers that your office has submitted to PGC. During the site tour, the auditors will verify your compliance through both documentation and records.


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