Green Office Certification

Green Office Certification

Application Eligibility:

Any organisations may apply for the Penang Green Office Project certification.

    • Public Sector Organisations
      • Government
      • GLC
    • Private Sector Organisations [must be a registered business]
      • Factories
      • Banks
      • Supermarkets
      • Hotels
      • Trade / Business Groups
      • NGO

Participation Criteria:

  • Green Purchasing
  • Waste Management
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Health and Safety
  • Employee and Community Engagement

Green Office Certification Validity

The Green Office certification is valid for two years from the date of certification. The office needs to apply for re- certification to continue using the Green Office logo after 2 years.

Register Now

This account is necessary to take part in the Green Office assessment. It allows you to record your result and keep track of your answers.


  • Once you have registered, you will be able to start rating your office as precisely as possible based on the 5 main criteria, each with a list of questions given.
  • After you have completed the assessment, your result will be saved and your score will be displayed. You will be informed if you are qualified for a site audit.
  • If you pass the Green Office Assessment, an Audit Application request will be prompted. You may direct your interest by clicking the link to apply for Green Office Certification.
  • If you do not pass the Green Office Assessment, a link will be prompted to provide helpful information & guidance to improve your greening effort in the office.


Appointed Audit Firm :