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Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19, our programs & projects may be rescheduled. Please contact us for further details and follow us on Facebook for latest updates.

Environmental camps and workshops provide a positive learning environment focusing on waste, water, and energy. The activities include hands-on, games, indoor education, and an outdoor learning approach to help participants build social, cultural and environmental connection while having fun.

These camps and workshops are to increase public awareness about environmental protection and confidence-building of the participants to positively impact the environment by taking more responsibility towards environmental issues. Besides, we hope the participants can be influencers for their family and friends to participate in environmental programmes.

Types of Camps & Workshops

Junior Green Camp

A half-day programme designed for kindergarteners aged 5 to 8, Junior Green Camp emphasizes “learn while playing” so they can be active and have fun while constructing their understanding through hands-on and challenging them to use higher-order thinking skills.

Sunshine Project

A program for underprivileged kids aged 9 to 12 years old, Sunshine Project is to educate, discuss, and expose how our daily life can affect the environment. Besides indoor teaching, PGC also includes outdoor learning to let them learn new things while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Little Green Adventurer

Previously known as Green Camp, Little Green Adventurer is a 2D1N school holiday program encompassing four environmental modules, which are Climate Change, Waste Management, Water Conservation and Energy Saving through various physical and creative activities.

Youth Camp

A 2D1N camp for high school students aged 15 to 18, thematic workshops help empower them to think critically and take actions to make our environment better. Each year different environmental-related themes are introduced through various games and activities.

Thematic Workshop

Workshops to allow secondary school students aged 13 to 14 to discuss, be exposed to and debate about how our daily lives affect the environment.

A two days workshop designed for adult learners. It provides trainer, practitioner, parents or educator with invaluable facilitation techniques used by professional trainers. Through a series of interactive activities, participants will learn how to plan and deliver training sessions that meet the needs of their target audience and engage them from beginning to the end.


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